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Surfing Lesson

Hawaii has so much beauty, every island is surrounded by breath taking ocean. The most fun to be had in Hawaii is not only on land but also in the ocean. Don't miss out on the funnest thing to do under the sun! Book a surf lesson today and enjoy some of the North Shore's most iconic locations.

Chun's Reef

Depth: 8-25 m  |  Currents: Mild  |  Good for Beginners in the summer time

Chuns Reef Location instructions:

Search Chuns Reef on google maps. Look for where all the cars are lined up opposing the ocean access, find a parking spot. Call your instructor when you arrive and he will help you find him. This is a recreational beach retreat featuring soft sands & ocean waves for surfing conditions. Best for summer times when waves are 1 - 2 ft for begginers. Chuns reef can be the perfect place to learn to surf on the North Shore of Oahu. Chunes reef is also located next to the famous Turtle beach (laniakea beach)

1 hour from waikiki.

Kaiaka Bay Beach Park

Depth: 12-30 m  |  Currents: Mild to Strong  |  Able to stand up on inside

Kaiaka Bay Beach Park Location instructions:

Address : 66-449 Haleiwa Rd, Haleiwa, HI 96712

Search Kaiaka bay beach park on google maps. When you turn into the park drive all the way to the back right corner of the park and find a parking stall by the bathrooms. Call your instructor when parking. This location usually has plenty of parking so try to park as close as to the bathrooms. Kaiaka bay beach park is a great place to learn to surf right next to Haleiwa town.

50 minutes from waikiki depending on traffic.

Pua'ena Point

Pua'ena Point Instructions :

Depth: 30-40cm current : Light to moderate during small swells.

WE will be surfing here in the winter time

Address ( Searchable on google maps ) Puaʻena Point Beach Park, Kahalewai Pl, Haleiwa, HI 96712

Look for the closest parking you can get to the ocean. Pua'ena point has a long driveway leading toward the ocean with parking all alongside it. Once you have found a parking stall call your instructor. Pua'ena point is where we will be doing surfing lessons during the winter time.

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